an interactive art project by THERES CASSINI

Cities change,
people change,
perceptions change.
Fifteen years after the first DUSCHBERICHTE/SHOWER REPORTS at the ARCOTEL Velvet Berlin, Viennese artist THERES CASSINI repeats her artistic intervention as a comparative field study, in the same place, in the same city. How have our body awareness and the way we deal with nudity changed over these 15 years? How do
the original DUSCHBERICHTE/SHOWER REPORTS differ from today’s?

Dear guest, we’re asking for your participation!

Life-size, resinated “body silhouettes” have been hung in nine bathrooms and showers at the ARCOTEL Velvet Berlin. Please write down your thoughts and feelings about the “body silhouettes” you are confronted with in your room.
Following your brief, intimate encounter with these foreign bodies in a strange place, not yours yet somehow personal, together with your own nakedness and vulnerability, what is your reaction, what are your feelings, what do you experience?

Your anonymous report is important to the artist – whether written, drawn or in any other form. Feel free to use the back of this sheet and then place your account in the sealed box at the reception. Or send your contribution as an e-mail via QR code.

Many thanks for your participation and trust!
Theres Cassini and the ARCOTEL Hotel Velvet Berlin