Duschberichte (shower reports)

Dear hotel guest,
let me ask you for your cooperation.

Life-size, resinated "contour bodies" (see illustration ) hang in 10 bathrooms and showers of the ARCOTEL Hotel Velvet. They are a product of my last work "we are not that far yet" and are the background for the shower reports.

May I ask you as a guest to bring to paper your thoughts and feelings about the contour body you are confronted with in your room?

Your short, intimate togetherness with this strange body in this strange, extraneously determined and yet protected space, with your own nakedness and vulnerability: How do you feel with this, what do you experience?

I need your anonymous record, written or drawn or in whatever form you wish – be it only a single word!

You can use the back side of this page for your notes. There is a sealed box at the reception on the ground floor. Please drop your emotion description in this box.

From the 18th of March on, all these anonymous shower reports will be exhibited at the vernissage at the Walter Bischoff Gallery, together with the contour bodies. You are cordially invited to visit the results of the project you have participated in on site.

Thank you very much for your participation and your trust,

Theres Cassini